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JRTStudio , the publisher behind many Android apps (Android Music Player ,Auto Mount Widget ,iSyncr WiFi Add-On ,Rocket Music Player ,iSyncr Lite for PC ,iSyncr Lite for Mac), brings Rocket Player Premium Unlocker with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Rocket Player Premium Unlocker apps has been update to version 1.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It boosts my volume without compromising on sound quality..
  • which is now off of my home screen for good..
  • You can use different equalizer settings for each song..
  • this should be the default music player for android..
  • As someone whose digital music library is a mix of formats..

Overall Satisfactionc89
Best music player I've found Very responsive Technical support.
this should be the default music player for android.
It boosts my volume without compromising on sound quality.
I love the equalizer that comes with this.
I recommend buying the Rocket Player Premium Version.
Can't recommend buying it at this point.
Well done and thanks devs.
and I recommend this to any music lovers out there.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome music player app.
Awesome Music Player.
Still an awesome app.
It plays everything.
plays everything.
Does everything I need and more.
Production Valuesc100
clean and simple interface.
Ease of Usec66
The program downloads the song twice need to fix ASAP.
Was looking for a simple music app with playlists and crossfade.
Love the equalizer and easy interface.
clean and simple interface.
Updates & Supportc67
Love the Rocket Player even paid for the unlocked version.
The customer service provided by this app is extraordinary.
To me this is poor customer service.
yser friendly - Support is awsome and Johnny on the spot.

I downloaded the free version and was pleased. found in 4 reviews
The upgrade is worth the small fee. found in 2 reviews
I've had the free version for over a year and it's been absolutely wonderful. found in 2 reviews
000X better than the preinstalled android music app. found in 21 reviews
100% the best music player app I've ever download. found in 124 reviews
and I recommend this to any music lovers out there. found in 3 reviews
Great replacement for Google play music application. found in 48 reviews
Nice app it sure lives up to its name it rocks. found in 1 reviews
Best music player I've found Very responsive Technical support. found in 129 reviews
this app really is the leader of the pack. found in 1 reviews
Recommend to all my friends. found in 1 reviews
You guys are the best keep up the great work. found in 3 reviews
A sleep timer would be nice. found in 3 reviews
So if a quit button were added that would be great. found in 2 reviews
Only thing is it needs a large widget. found in 2 reviews
- NO 3d sound options. found in 1 reviews
Everything works except for the widget in the lock screen. found in 15 reviews
Please allow users to download album artwork. found in 15 reviews
Needs an Instant Mix Button. found in 1 reviews
force stop doesn't help. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't work well with m4a files encoded by itunes 10. found in 3 reviews
Voice control please and you will have five stars from me. found in 2 reviews
Eq sucks bllz. found in 2 reviews
player does not support this type of audio file. found in 8 reviews
Five stars to fix it. found in 16 reviews
Its annoying to have to make a playlist to do so. found in 4 reviews
Sucks no Gear 2 support yet. found in 1 reviews
the lock screen controls are missing just album art. found in 3 reviews
different skins would be cool. found in 5 reviews
I don't like adding art work after adding music files. found in 4 reviews
however it doesn't fully sync WAV files. found in 1 reviews
This app sucks. found in 3 reviews
Free version worked buggy from day 1. found in 3 reviews
Problems with Apple Lossless format. found in 4 reviews
Can't read certain songs. found in 7 reviews
still cant edit songs. found in 3 reviews
No substitute for itunes. found in 6 reviews
also won't show if a song has been added to a playlist. found in 4 reviews
I loved the ability to get missing album art. found in 71 reviews
The sound is randomly terrible through my Bluetooth headset. found in 3 reviews
Not HTC Amaze compatible. found in 3 reviews
Paid for premium and now player force closes after music starts. found in 4 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Rocket Player Premium Unlocker for 2,99 € from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Rocket Player Premium Unlocker app version 1.0.4 has been updated on 2014-11-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up

A Player for Music Lovers.Rocket Player Premium Unlocker was designed with both the easy and advanced listener in mind. The Premium Unlocker unlocks advanced features built on top of the easy to use interface of ...

I ve been using this player for years both free and paid on rooted and un rooted devices I have to say that in the last year I have noted a perceivable degradation in sound quality The equalizer and pre amp functions are essentially useless except with the most ancient mp3 s of songs from decades ago The only reason it sounds adequate is that I have Dolby Atmos on my Note 8 Since the Samsung One UI update every single press of a button or action interrupts the song play It was horrible at first but has diminished a bit since the May 24th update I don t know if that is a JRT or Samsung problem or both The ability to delete songs on external card is far more convoluted than previous The navigation to do so is a disaster I hope to see vast improvement in next release or I will move onto another player         Gern Blanston
Excellent music player It would be perfect if it had music queues like some other music players so I could use it for lessons with my students during the day and return to where I left off on my music playlist on my ride home I have a very large playlist and hate restarting it everytime I want to play an individual song                 Greg Beach
Edit Oh sorry It s kinda embarrassing but the unlocker wasn t installed and I didn t notice it because I keep it hidden Thanks anyway for the attentiousness awesome app Previous I really like this app I ve been using it for like 7 years or something but recently it s showing me advertisements I already have the premium Is this an error or it is showing ads also in the premium version                     Luiz Vieira
Great play I have been using for years but the latest updates have developed a problem The songs in your playlists get dropped after a while and you need to readd them please fix         Michael Silva
update to my query about the app scan there is an auto update but it doesn t scan every time I add new music so there are instances when i can t play my new music And why would you hide the scan settings in music library                 loinsworth sankarsingh
Works Great I ve had Rocket Player on my Kindle Fire for over a year I liked it so much I bought Premium for my phone It s awesome It has great features like Crossfade an Equalizer custom playlists with a warning for duplicate songs an option to backup playlists u0026 tags to the cloud I recently had an issue that turned out to be an Android setting Thanks to the developers at JRTstudios who quickly came to my rescue I was fixed within 48 hours I could not be Happier Thanks JRT                     Nelson J Spitler
Excellent app Always trying new audio apps yet keep coming back to this for several years now Simply love the ability to set equalizer presets to each playlist Love this app                     Desmond D'Costa
Brilliant app I would just wish the ratings would write to the files on the internal storage or SD card So I can be out and about rating my tracks then copy back to my computer backup I am only a fan of media monkey and musicbee for managing music so if you can get isyncr to work with this that would be cool                     Jason K
i had a issue with download but now its sorted ans i was able to download changing review as they definitely deserve 5 stars and i would definitely recommend its still asking me to purchase again whats your email so I can get this issue sorted and send some screen shots of the message coming up                     Eruza Scarlet Teala
Love this music player I bought the ad free version for both my son and I It s nice to have a constantly good music player over the many phones we ve had The features I love are edit tags custom album art and flac playback Its worth the small amount of money to unlock the adfree player                     Ron Langley
Affords astounding additional sound quality enhancements Effulgently unveils previously hidden audio details A pitch perfect smartphone paradise                     Nick Flett-Jones
Rocket Player audio is an excellent music player for android I have encountered few issues with using the app and when I have the response from the dev has been quick and spot on in answering my questions or resolving issues I highly recommend this app                     Rick Owen
hi is it possible to add a volume control within the app my phone s minimum volume is still too loud thanks edit adjusting the preamp seems to work i will test again once i get back to my office on monday thank you                     Zher Wen
I ve been a user of the free Rocket Player app for years and I wanted to show a little appreciation I don t know exactly what the add on does for me but I was happy to pay for it                 Bjorn G
Was hoping for a karaoke style lyrics function the other music apps have     Andrew Stroup
Lots of hidden features Great customer support                     Charles Cangialosi
I m not able to use my Eq settings this bug is persistent and I have already BROUGHT it to ur ATTENTION before please do fix it with this bug the APP IS USELESS     syed javeedrj
in a folder tab it shows the overlapping of songs name they changes suddenly and again and again fix that bugs and improve the quality of a player         Mayur Khairnar
Love this app Would Love it more if JRT expanded the fields in Create Live Lists to include Comments and Groupings                     DAVID LINDWALL
doesn t play a lot of formats i paid because i thought it was a good idea a great music player i regret it     Lucas Fernando Nunes
Works excellent on my on my BB Key 2 and my Samsung tablet                     Longo Slade
did you guys take away the paid version where it let s you automatically find the names of songs and what not                     jacob mckinney
I love this app as it is amongst v few apps that pause music when Google maps give directions but the latest update seems to have disabeled the headset control i e when pressing the button to skip to next track Rocket Player keeps repeating the current song very annoying             Cool BlueZ
I love this app and use it daily works as intended every time doesn t crash and I haven t had it cause any issues on my devices Paired with iSyncr for Tunes integration is helpful as an Android user it keeps all my music where I can access it quickly and easily Great app recommend without reservations                     Melissa Swift
I had previously rated this 3 stars but in changing to 5 due to the excellent support from the developer I ve had at least 3 other players and this is the best for me I recommend upgrading to the pro version because it greatly enhances the user experience                     Steve Keber
plzzz fix the bug of sound up and down automatically it s need some improvements overall the app is better than any other apps it s sound quality is too good and equalizer is Best and it s my request to you please fix the bug as soon as possible             Yoga boy
I tried this out as an alternative to iTunes for my wife to move away from her iPod for fitness classes In a lot of ways this is good but in a number of ways it is beyond frustrating For example by default it will look for all media on your device If there s something you don t want in the library such as your ringtones there s no way to remove it without deleting the source file I ve emailed JRT about it and they suggest I go through and include only the folders I want In my situation that s very cumbersome While it does a good job of playing music organization is another matter They really need to look at the library functions from a customer s perspective             Ed Ellks
What is going on with this app I ve had it for several years and used it on several devices including the one I have now Up until yesterday it s always sounded terrific Now it sounds like something is way wrong with the volume It keeps going up and down as though someone is playing with the volume control I updated the app but it made no difference My other music app doesn t sound this way Huge disappointment because I rely on Rocket Player for killer sound         Cindy
The best feature I think is the ability to turn off Google s playlist detection which has never worked right for me I ve used RP for so long now I actually forget what Google gets wrong specifically Anyway RP is the perfect player for me I d give them 5 starts but I m starting to get a little annoyed with them inexplicably changing the icon every couple weeks I liked the original any way I can change back to that                 Randy Hunt
3 Biggest issues using the app stops my phone waking up correctly causing a blank screen to illuminate when the power button is pressed does not prevent finger print unlock Second issue is the quick menu for a don t 3 dot icon there are too many options and I only use 2 of them Final issue is the scrolling through sings artists i often end up scrolling by accident when trying to use the 3 dot menu to get more options like play next Other than that this is a great app for using with iSyncr             Timothy Atkinson
I paid for the full version a bunch of years ago but now I get ads and can t turn them off so what did I pay for other than that it s a very good app I m hardly n audiophile so I can t really tell you about the equalizer or any of that but the features are intuitive I don t know the language of origin for the developers but whoever wrote the help and the description knows English lime a native speaker Ich habe die Deutsche Version nicht getestet Gibt es einen             Wilhelm Bohrer
Reliable pleasure to use I got the modest upgrade pro version to say thanks if it had an exit option I d go 5 stars too many apps want to hang around in RAM but the long press on the android brings up everything in RAM I prefer to shut down unused apparently my music is on the SD card and never had a problem                 A Google user
Wow The app now pauses music when notifications sound instead of just lowering the volume completely ruining the listening experience The quick scroll still has too little traction making it more difficult than it should be to find a song or adjust the queue Switching to my default music app until these things are fixed     Lauren Edwards
I updated to paid version again as it didnt transfer to my new phone now all my playlist are empty songs gone and all I have left is my voice recordings File manager says they are all still in RP file and they are playable from the file manager Is this something you can fix or should I just get a refund Been using for many years now I buy again to support your app and everything goes to hell     Mary Weiler
Love this app so so so happy you can have it organize the music by album artist there is one thing I would love to see or have a search bar under the folders tab or have the search bar that is under the other tabs like album artist be able to find songs by name and not just search for the album artist sometimes I forget who wrote the song but just remember the name of the song or I haven t filled out the meta data yet etc etc anyway best music player for android for sure thanks dev                     A Google user
I ve enjoyed this app thus far though I ve recently found some room for improvement It d be great if the app could be configured to differentiate between Bluetooth devices My Bluetooth phone earpiece and my Bluetooth car stereo serve very different purposes and it d be nice to be able to specify a different default behavior volume level and EQ for each My phone s OS can differentiate between the devices so couldn t that be extended to the app Add that and I ll bump the rating up             Danny Valentini
I ve been using this player for quite a while now since the update to pie on my 9 it keeps making uninstall an reinstall premium and then it only works for a bit then I have to do it again I hate that I may have to completely uninstall it and find a new player but it s getting to be a real pita         A Google user
There are a couple of reasons to get the unlocker The eq goes to 10 bands the playlists allow you to make shortcuts The premium themes have their colors in the buttons so they show up in the Widgets and notification bar But it also supports the developers of the best media player app for mp3 and mp4 files I have found                     James Mills
This here app of yours is one of a dozen s worth on my mobile that crooked go ogle has taken to updating without my consent for the past two or three months time I have never activated automatic updates in this here account and that feature of theirs is still indeed showing as remaining switched off on my user panel here Please contact them about this abuse of theirs as surely they must regard and thus treat us end users here as mere pests right Thank you     John V

Rocket Player Premium Unlocker Premium Unlocker Music PlayerRocket Player Premium Unlocker Premium Unlocker Music PlayerRocket Player Premium Unlocker Premium Unlocker Music PlayerRocket Player Premium Unlocker Premium Unlocker Music Player

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