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ADNFX Discovery , the publisher behind many Android apps (Maybe Notes ,That One Rule ,Morning Horoscope ★Day★Week★ ,So True Facts), brings Morning Horoscope ★Day★Week★ with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Morning Horoscope ★Day★Week★ apps has been update to version 3.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is easy and convenient to get your daily horoscope..
  • Awesome app for horoscope Better then all horoscope app in market..
  • It is the first thing I read when I wake up..
  • after having tried close to 10 horoscope apps..

Overall Satisfactionc91
Awesome app for horoscope Better then all horoscope app in market.
It is awesome of horoscopes so Ilove it xx.
Best zodiacreading so far.
Better than alotof the others.
Love this sight.
Fun & Engagingc99
Awesome horoscope app.
It's very inspiring.
Good and fun.
Read it everyday love it.
full of useful features and accurate.
Great app very fun n easy to use check it every day.
Love checking it everyday and showing my friends theirs.
Ads not Intrusivec52

The Morning Horoscope ★Day★Week★ is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.2.1 has been released on 2014-01-4. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 1.5 and up

Morning Horoscope :Get your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope absolutely FREE and prepared by an expert in astrology with Morning Horoscope.If you don`t know your astrological sign, enter your date and month of birth to ...

I have had this app installed for more than a few years and have no negatives about it I also have my own individual zodiac installed from it it is daily but also has numerology daily and some other extras So I want to keep them both Both apps have had accurate readings for me and the layout is beautiful with bright colors The zodiac signs look 3 D Really awesome                     Michelle Post
very good prediction s                     A Google user
Good app 5 stars                     Diane Rives
Every other month There s an issue to receive the horoscope data geez what s the buzz     BlessingsOnBlessings
Ever since I downloaded this app I try to get my horoscope it says trouble retrieving UGH     CL Wilson
Should add free ad version i willing to pay very nice app                     A Google user
Just installed                 We shall see Catherine Kent
I give 5 star if in urdu                 asif naveed
Not working     Aisha Mubashir
Good                     Asit karmakar
Good                     Ezza Azam
Horoscopes                     Bujar Sykja
Prev app was working fine You guys had sold this app to advt n it has ruined the user experience I am just seeing Advt in this app nothing content         Not loading content even on wifi A Google user
This app was good but now it won t even show anything Uninstalled and reboot did not work Disappointed     Not working Linda Bowman
I love this horoscope in the morning It help me a lots not working don t know what happen here                     rena Alli
Used to be good app Now doesnt work So will uninstall Pity     Not working Derek Vickers
True before it was working now it s nt opening any problems         Pali Kaur
They are always right about predictions i love them                     Love Christina Marie Shelton
Quite in depth scary really                 David how David howe
Wow how accurate this app is jus love love love it                     Kim Jones
I love it it s right on point                     Belinda Rivas
Not working for the past 3 days     Rania Elayyan
Seems to be right on                     Ralph Helmer
I love it its all me                     Jae aka wickedchula Porcupine,gomez
I love this it seems accurate prediction                     Umadevi Palathur
Love reading these everyday                     Scopes Beth Bledsoe
The prediction is quite accurate                 Good tushar pandey
Awesome                     Start up renee moore
M                 OK love it A Google user
It s fun                     Jeffrey Ogden
Loved it                     no name
Very accurate                 jess cusens
Satisfied with this                     Awesome Sunilkumar Nl
Yes would love to have them too                 Morning horoscope Payal Jain
Love life live life                     I used it to help myself and friends Eftihia Muirhead
I love this app already                     Charity Shearer
Just downloaded it a couple days ago and is very accurate already                     A c c u r a t e Micah Aiken
Scorpio             Horoscope 2016 Midge Stea Garnes
Its good             
Very accurate Love it                 Download for sure
Ive been using this app for 2 years now and it continues to be spot on almost everyday              Lovin It
Love This Wee App Cheers                 Cool
So far so good                 Checkin it out
Its good       
Love                 Horoscope
Nicely worded and easy to use              Daily horscope
Add covers page     Not exact
I Love it                
Just downloaded it today                
So accurate its scary                 Scary
Loved it                
Accurate and detailed one of my favorites                 Very good
Its really good i loved it but i dont know if it changes the horoscope from man or woman                 Hell yeh
out look on life                 astrology
I really like this app its the only one Ive evergiven the time to rate             
However lately everytime I go to open the app it has problems loading I use to be able to check it daily Now I cant at allbooplease fix and Ill rate 5              This app Is closer than most
Yes l like              Morning horoscope
Its really a good application                 Qasim Ali Akash
Its accurate and I really like the monthly overview I would just like to see the year also              Everything but the yearly
I do like it Its simple fun and ready Thank you           HOROSCOPES
Previously fab Now no Headlines          
Very fun Pretty accurate to             
Love to read all these                 Love these
I like it a lot Seems to be more in depth than the other apps             
Morning horoscope Comandroid vending                 Brenda
It works good              Nice apps
Its niceI actually like this one                
Love it                 Amazing
Ok this is too creepy My boyfriend has dental problem toothache and took a lot of pain killers today and has a heart condition so wow                
I love it              Akeem
I like it it has not froze yet so that good              Good
Most of the information given is accurate             
Very true                 Very true
Quite Accurate             
Always right on the money                 Awesome
Very much Spot on and true              Enjoyed it alot

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