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Codigami Inc. , brings Justunfollow with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Justunfollow apps has been update to version 1.7.6 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It helps me track everything and all my followers..
  • Recommended to any instagram or twitter user..
  • you guys should add another section for the ghost followers..
  • It really helped me keep track of my followers & un-followers on Instagram & twitter..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best social media app for managing twitter and Instagram.
Works way better than the other apps and it's free.
I love ittt.
I freaking love this app.
Thanks for update.
I think this is such an amazing app.
Love service.
Fun & Engagingc51
Awesome twitter management app.
Awesome twitter tool.
Fukin awesome <.;
Helps me to stay up to date with the twitter community.
Does not give up to date info.
Saves time to return the favor of unfollowing for @1cryingeye.
Love it very easy to use and very useful totally a must have.
Tells me everything I need to know so dope.
It helps me track everything and all my followers.
Great app very useful.
Social Aspectsc94
Best social media app for managing twitter and Instagram.
One of the best social related apps made.
Definitely the perfect program to find out about your social networks.
Great app for the social networks twitter and instagram.
Ease of Usec93
Love it very easy to use and very useful totally a must have.
Fantastic features very easy to use and very efficient.
One incredibly simple app.
Cool and simple app.
Its fast and i havent had any problems with it so far.
Ads not Intrusivec31
Security & Privacyc21
really it help me to manage my twitter acc so much.
Updates & Supportc44
Excellent Customer service Replies within seconds.
Poor customer service don't buy the full version false advertising.

I love ittt. found in 3 reviews
Love it and what a time saver. found in 4 reviews
Fukin awesome <.; found in 2 reviews
Super handy tool for when u hit the following limits. found in 3 reviews
and automate for better Twitter management. found in 11 reviews
Best social media app for managing twitter and Instagram. found in 6 reviews
Tells me everything I need to know so dope. found in 9 reviews
but I guess that's just how people gotta make money. found in 7 reviews
You guys should put an inactive following option for insta. found in 7 reviews
Top application for unfollowers 5star. found in 3 reviews
Easy to figure out and a great app to clean up twitter accounts. found in 26 reviews
Gives full control to manage un followers on twitter and instagram. found in 3 reviews
Great app very useful. found in 4 reviews
Than every other follower tracker app. found in 4 reviews
It take awhile to load all my followers. found in 7 reviews
I wish instagram had no hourly unfollow limit. found in 98 reviews
I don't like to 50 unfollower limit per day. found in 9 reviews
Then I try to login with my other I stagram. found in 109 reviews
If you ever wondered if anyone started or stopped following you. found in 10 reviews
Always " Unknown Error " for my Galaxy Y. found in 16 reviews
Why am I still seeing ads after paying 5$ for this app. found in 2 reviews
NEW UPDATE: I'm not sure why but now it keeps crashing. found in 6 reviews
Takes long to load sometimes but it's still a good app. found in 7 reviews
Also won't allow me to login into instagram. found in 109 reviews
Take a while to load sometimes but overall a great app. found in 4 reviews
It just won't let me copy 160 followers anymore. found in 8 reviews
then day passed It keeps on saying log in failed. found in 6 reviews
Can't use multiple accounts unless you pay. found in 18 reviews
I cant connect it to my twitter. found in 8 reviews
Great app but it sometimes takes awhile to load but over all Good. found in 6 reviews
Except for daily limits this app has no other problems. found in 27 reviews
Now it wont let you unfollow anyone using the UNFOLLOW app. found in 17 reviews
It would be good if you could support more than one account. found in 8 reviews
Takes to long to load even on 4g notfications only came up once. found in 19 reviews
I kept trying to sign into INSTAGRAM & Error kept popping up. found in 22 reviews
It tries to refresh but then shows "5 days ago". found in 59 reviews
Used this and my twitter acc was spamming all my followers. found in 22 reviews
Sometimes it don't work for instagram but for twitter it works good. found in 23 reviews
It keeps saying forbidden when I try to login using Instagram. found in 109 reviews
Doesn't let me sign in to instagram :-/ uninstalling. found in 30 reviews
Because there's an unfollow limit which is retarded. found in 98 reviews
All of a sudden won't let me log into twitter. found in 52 reviews
it has happened while using 2 different Instagram accounts. found in 84 reviews
The is looks good but takes to long to load. found in 19 reviews
Wont stop asking me to re authenticate. found in 43 reviews
It says there's no request token for this page. found in 21 reviews
Every time I try to log into my twitter account using this app. found in 38 reviews
Problem trying to login with Twitter account. found in 109 reviews
Now it's not loading / showing new unfollowers. found in 26 reviews
The stupid app doesn't wanna login to my twitter account. found in 31 reviews
This app sucks at first it loaded and worked perfectly. found in 38 reviews

The Justunfollow is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.7.6 has been released on 2014-01-7. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 1.6 and up

Who Unfollowed Me? Use JustUnfollow to find outEver found asking yourself "Who Unfollowed Me"? JustUnfollow is the ultimate twitter unfollow tracker. We help you find those who unfollow you on twitter and unfollow them back ...

Crowdfire used to be fantastic You could see who unfollowed you on relevant social medias Twitter and Instagram but now it s just a mess with stuff you dont even need since analytics already come with your account anyways like a business profile on IG I dont know what comes with the paid version and honestly I could care less because this app sucks now     Vibrancy
Only gets 2 stars because it is VERY easy to set up and schedule posts for the week Loses the other three because their suggested images and links just SUCK Like seriously I have comics and comedy highlighted for a search What the hell does a picture of soup and a couple berries have to do with COMICS It even had hashtags for DC Comics Archie Comics etc Complete waste of time Easier for me to find my own content and just upload it and schedule it unless it s a GIF of course         Jared Sheridan
Even though it is not Crowdfire s fault they lost the only features I cared about Twitter management Unfortunately the cost remains the same Cancelled my subscription and will not come back until Twitter management features can be enabled again Twitter is literally the only social media account I have so Response to Support As stated it is not your fault but it is the only feature I used The fact that you guys keep losing features but your price stays the same is why only 1     Khaibit86
The major disadvantage which is compelling me to switch from this app is that it doesnt support smooth scheduling for ypur connected LinkedIn account And its so annoying to check up your emails to reconnect every time And a numbe rof times Instagram switch doesnt happen The one job of smooth posting for which we rely on them doesnt work What else should I stick for     Kriace Ward
When Asked to upgrade With no offer for a free trial they changed me followed by still Loving me out of all features and tells me to upgrade AGAIN but they re is no further updated available Still no features Wasted money and time     Patrick Gordon
To Gwen It is resolved I was using Firefox and forgot Google was still installed I exited in Google and now I can sign in with a different account in Crowdfire My previous statement It would not allow me to log in with a different Facebook account on LG Stylo 4                 Opposers Dismythed/ JW Advisor
After using this app for YEARS my subscription was renewed for a wopping 70 and I wasn t able to get a refund I was already upset the first time I paid for the plus account last year when the Instagram functions were not available anymore I wouldn t recommend this application     Asherr Cole
Nice interface and functionality but I can t figure out how to get push notifications for Instagram posts which is annoying and the geolocation feature doesn t actually get posted on Facebook or Instagram so not really sure what the point of that is         Rachel Girling
Not the best Too many things are for subscription I didn t see the improvement of my profile as they were saying once I started     Francesca Fiorini Mattei
i have paid for the plusv5 plan but there is always bugs I can t post anything through Crowdfire also the account is always not connected and needed to be reconnect Waste of money and time to use this app     Sasivimol Tangsricharoenporn
Not worth the money They took away the mass unfollow feature for Twitter The main thing I used this for There are better and cheaper apps out there     Marcus Occhialini
The setup was easy and everything looks good until I get a notification that I cannot post to Facebook That s a bummer It would be nice if you added MeWe as one of the networks             Scott Harris
i just downloaded the app and i have not been able to log into any social media i keep getting username or password incorrect     Enitan yusuf
Love this app Easy to use Very convenient                     Kenda Mogford
I ve had this app for the longest time I used it to unfollow people on Twitter and it successfully worked for years But ever since they had to change their policy I don t find it useful anymore I was attempting login my Instagram account on it and once I did I also couldn t find a way to unfollow accounts That s the only reason I used the app in the first place     Clarisse Padilla
This app has improved a lot since I first tried it but I need certain functions to be easier as a digital marketer I can t log in and out of different accounts from my phone Logging in says I don t have access to an account but it doesn t give me the option to change it This is a huge issue b c I have one account for me and one for work Manual best time also doesn t work I d love to see a roadmap of development on this before I commit to using it for my company u0026 give more feedback         Taylor Elizabeth Rose
It is a shame there isn t the facility to post automatically to Instagram like there is with Twitter and Facebook It kind of defeats the point of having a post scheduler if I still have to post all the details anyway If they could figure that out it would have been 5 stars I am currently on the free plan and don t see any need to subscribe with the Instagram situation as it is If it were to post automatically I would consider paying for the service                 Paula Chaplin
The fibctionality is poor It alliws one to add all your accounts then despite payont 10 monthly when you go to post it will not because ypu have top many accounts then holds your posts hostage u til you upgrade or eliminate the app They are legak blackmail         A. Blumberg
I have not received one reply to any of my support request I foolishly paid as I have multiple accounts to manage and have not been able to add an account So of course I reached out for help with this and no one has responded I requested to cancel as the service will renew and all I ve gotten is sent through loops I m disappointed for sure                 3j foster
app has been crashing since i installed it Goddamn it     Queen minaj
came back to find schedule post is now a paid feature bad bad bad     RLX Films
Terrible app I know it s not their fault that these following actions are available non followers recent unfollowers recent followers inactive following all following copy followers friend check black and white list No one said that these features aren t available on any app not even the description said that these actions aren t available What s the point of having this app if you can t do any of those features I got this app specifically to unfollow users that don t follow me         Zayn Malik's Girl
from start was fine but when i buy premium version its down and in that period moment i was get lags and problems when it starts glitch and not correct work i cancel accaiunt but still was found that they steal money from my bank for 4 months awful     Aleksei Konnov
I have been using it for a while hoping to see some marketing gains It is easy to use and setup but to date I have not seen enough benefits to upgrade                 Steven Jackson
Editing scheduled posts is not an easy task to accomplish with this app The app is not just responsive enough         Tony Okey
this app is now completely useless after serving me for quite some months now My blog contents no more appear on the app for me to post to my Social Media platforms     Ask Ifa
Completely impossible to do anything Constantly says Session Expired and tells me I need a business account which I have Useless     Joseph Slack
the app explains it isnt an automatic renewal yet it did and charged my cc i only ordered it to begin with to control Twitter followers which they were suspended for unknown reason according to them     Cheryl Stieve
Great app Even with the free version you can get plenty of value to manage your social accounts                     Fran Callado
Awesome App and it gets the job done especially of your a busy CEO and need contents Its a great source to get into                     Bernard Mincey
It s a great app easy to get along with a d great contents too                 Emmanuel Odama
Its amazing It manages all my social media accounts so smoothly without any hastle I love it                     Gopalakrishnan Tirumalai
Tested the app tried to schedule several times it just doesn t work 0 5     Yanis Azze
it is limited on free version and crashed a gew times already and I just started using it             K. B.
i like it its responsive and helpful                     Anthony Russ
Easy to use and awesome team Crowdfire rocks                     Stephy D
very helpful keeps me on track keeping my customers engaged                     Michele Elaine Walters Fine Art
Amazing app I thought I had it all with ZohoSocial and nearly didn t try this app but glad I have looks very well organised                     Stuart Atkinson
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