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, brings Star Tracker - Mobile Sky Map & Stargazing guide with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Star Tracker - Mobile Sky Map & Stargazing guide apps has been update to version 1.6.85 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


search and guide you to stars constellations planets and deep sky objects. found in 1 reviews
top left location menu choose location from a world map. found in 1 reviews
3d compass in ar mode indicate position of objects your searched. found in 1 reviews
sun moon planets 88 constellations and 8000 stars visible to the naked eyes. found in 1 reviews
very well put together and great visuals. found in 1 reviews
It's very fast and accurate and for the price of free. found in 1 reviews
night mode switch protecting eye when doing star gazing outdoor. found in 1 reviews
full 88 constellations amp. found in 1 reviews
its quality is unmatched among star gazing apps. found in 1 reviews
this app is a marvel of technology art and science. found in 1 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Star Tracker - Mobile Sky Map & Stargazing guide for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.6.85 has been released on 2021-10-6. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.4 and up
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Explore constellations, planets and stars with this night sky tracker & locator

I like most of the features in the app I give it 4 stars could be 5 if when it tempted me with interesting information with a notification on my phone s home screen I d like to click the information and GET the info I hate clicking it and it goes to the app instead and I lose the interesting info FOREVER Otherwise a great app in need of improvement                 Brad Vanfleet
Have had different sky mapping apps but this one is the best yet Personally I like the music and the diagrams Now I know what I ve been looking at since I was a kid                     Ralph Perrotta
Really nice app Only problem is that it won t open sometimes When it works it s very useful and interesting                 Jack Murray
Seems pretty legit have used it for couple years sometimes the compass is far off but otherwise enjoy it appreciate the reminders of certain celestial occurrences                 Joey Greco
I loved it at first But now it seems its calibration is way off Boo             Jack Meseyton
I love this it helps me find stars I never seen before Lots to look at even during the day                     Pico's Closet
Excellent application However it takes the full screen and the 3 buttons home back at the bottom disappear                 Daniel Mallah
From the time I was a kid I always loved going to the planetarium this is the next best thing I love how the constellations are shown with an outline that resembles what the constellation represents The option of hearing celestial music is pretty cool too Everything is easy to read on the screen and as far as I know it seems accurate at least I know the moon is lol                     LYNN MOSSBARGER
Lovely app It s so cool gives you notifications for anything interesting to see in the night sky It s told me there is a night long meteor shower on August 12th here in England I am so glad it did as I will get to see it in the country side as I ll be on holiday with my boyfriend The music is beautiful and soothing I want it It would be lovely to have playing on my laptop at night in bed Thank you for this great app                     Kylie Dowers
Fast accurate and user friendly app to track stars                     Mehrdad V
Helps me keep track of the Celestial events each week month and year Very much worth having                     Andrea Hassanen
Best App I Have Found for Stars I enjoy this app s graphics the characters in the background symbolize many of the astrological signs the color of the graphics and design is great the only problem I have is when a notification comes up there is no text in the app to help you along There is a purple pointer to help you find in the sky what the notification is about I just wish when I needed it later I can find it to point it out again                     Kevin Wise
Can be very nice except sometimes when it s not properly aligned north Great tool for learning                 Teo Pellegrino
The only thing I do not like is the accuracy of where the planets are on the app compared to actual location It s a tad off but still a great app to find planets nebulas stars constellations and other galaxies                     Stephanie Hartman
This app has helped me as a beginner to better understand our galaxy and the relationship between the stars                     Roy Kiezer
Incredible sights and not only does it show you the stars and it shows you the Zodiac figures within the stars and what your ancestry saw Helps you understand the association It s also very updated it shows you recent meteor showers in your area that you can visibly see without a telescope                     Jim Steinbach
No clear instructions on how to use the app The visuals are wonderful but would like more instruction in using Star Tracker to its best advantage Thanks for creating this interesting view of the Universe             Dreama Kattenbraker
Wonderful user friendly point and find app for just about everything in the night sky                     Grant Christensen
It s a good app especially let you know where the planets are at and what s going on in the galaxy                     king grove
If you like gazing Stars n planets This is a great app to do just that I enjoy the colors to locate a planet or even other galaxies in the sky either day or night Amazing                     Jennifer Raposo
Great App I use it to look up at the sky often and I love the alerts it sends when events are happening Highly recommended for geeks and non geeks alike                     Maximilian Hegel
I love this app I ll be walking out to my car at night and pull this app out to see all the planets and stars around me Great app 10 10                     William Bush
This app is amazing I got my son s telescope out and I use Star Tracker to locate specific planets and stars that I want to view It s an excellent reference and has galaxies and planets named or listed that we can t view without assistance                     Janet Derrick
It s everything you could need in one free app The visuals are great and the music is actually really cool although I do usually have the sounds off Been using this app for years through like 10 phones                     josef weiss
Great 3d effects This app is cool when you point your phone up down etc it shows what is where on all sides of the globe Very fun                     Chris Joy
I love this app Me and my kids go to remote sites and use this to spot different celestial bodies                     James Linn
The app and graphics are pretty cool BUT It doesn t seem well aligned with the stars planets I ve looked for a way to tweak the way that it lines up with the stars but haven t found such a feature             Michael Abraham
This is a very easy to use application pretty much you point it and it shows you what s there It doesn t get much simpler than that It appears to be quite accurate                     Thomas Martin
I paid to have the ads removed on July 15 2019 and they are still there Plus the app once started is very hard to get out of on my Samsung S9         Allison M Morris
I love this app because i can see things that i would have never thought to look at I love how it reminds You to look at the sky when some event is going on I have never had any issues with the app working LOVE LOVE LOVE                     Lisa Robinson
an amazing app ive used it twice and loved it Its easy to use and free Helped me find a few new constellations would recommend for anyone who wants to get into astrology                     Ethan Gordon
Good notifications of planets and other events Looking up mote info for meteor showers is a good idea because often it is 10 minutes between shooting stars                     John Kessler
Great app I use it all the time to find and track celestial bodies The choices of overlays is excellent too                     Rick Lanese
Nice graphics but i like this i can see all planets from this thank u for star tracker                     sam nagul
Fun to see the night sky at any time at all any angle                     Randy Nichols
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP It shows everything Just hold it up and it will not only tell you the star or planet you re looking at but what constellation it s part of                     Pearl Adams
Wish it had more informational sections too Love the graphics and music                 Jen Conrad
Love this app looking at the stars on the beach and up north is so fun Better than another app I tried and I love the notifications for stellar events thanks for a great experience                     Nicole Castellano
Very accurate Nice display Even shooting stars can b traced or seen I liked it a lit as im a pilot and am able to c a lot of stuffs and co relate                     Sumesh Nair
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