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Runloop , the publisher behind many Android apps (Interval Timer - Seconds Free ,Interval Timer - Seconds Pro), brings Interval Timer - Seconds Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Interval Timer - Seconds Free apps has been update to version 0.9.4 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Really helps a lot in my work outs..

Overall Satisfactionc72
Best workout timer I've found in 4 years.
Best HIIT App.
It's absolutely amazing.
This application is awesome loved it.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome and free.
This application is awesome loved it.
It makes routine workouts a lot fun.
This ap has everything you need to make a interval workout.
Great for working out helps me out alot I love it.
Well designed and useful.
Ease of Usec72
It takes a sec to figure out how to navigate.
Best interval timer I've used so far: easy to program.
Simple and straight to the point.
Updates & Supportc54
Might consider buying the full version so I can save my timers.
Great customer service for a great app.

Pretty easy to learn how to set up. found in 1 reviews
Works exactly as advertised. found in 1 reviews
Well designed and useful. found in 1 reviews
Great for working out helps me out alot I love it. found in 4 reviews
quickly create timers for interval training tabata circuit training. found in 13 reviews
Will upgrade to the Pro version. found in 1 reviews
Customizable timers and text to speech feature make this perfect. found in 5 reviews
Great way to customize intervals and the woman's voice counts down. found in 4 reviews
The free version made me throw out my $25 interval timer. found in 27 reviews
I find it helps motivate me to push harder. found in 1 reviews
Some of the pros were: Large display readout. found in 2 reviews
Best interval timer I've used so far: easy to program. found in 2 reviews
Works great if you don't mind re-creating your timers every workout. found in 1 reviews
Needs Serious updating. found in 1 reviews
Will be really useful if the save feature is available. found in 1 reviews
Use to crash alot but now working perfectly. found in 1 reviews
but you can't save timers. found in 5 reviews
It keeps reverting to originally save version of workout. found in 1 reviews
few bugs but good product. found in 1 reviews
Perfect if you could save workouts. found in 1 reviews
but better with free save. found in 1 reviews
Now I wanna buy it soo badly~. found in 1 reviews
No issues on my galaxy note. found in 1 reviews
it lacks customization and features like iOS Although it should a 5. found in 1 reviews
No save option makes it a bit useless. found in 1 reviews
Data Usage Terrible. found in 1 reviews
Unable to save timers. found in 1 reviews
5 bucks for the full version is ridiculous for a timer app. found in 1 reviews
Variety of voices would be nice. found in 1 reviews
Free version is pointless. found in 1 reviews
If you go to home screen. found in 1 reviews
Can't save custom timers. found in 2 reviews
Time stops on it's own and fails. found in 1 reviews
Can't save timers makes the free version worthless. found in 5 reviews
Timer wont keep the proper time it runs and fails. found in 1 reviews
Terrible and useless app. found in 1 reviews
Pretty useless without paying. found in 1 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Interval Timer - Seconds Free for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Interval Timer - Seconds Free app version 0.9.4 has been updated on 2014-11-06. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

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I like the flexibility of being able to really customize anything I want with this timer and the templates that allow some things to be done fairly quickly I like the Text to Speech so I don t have to look at it for every interval I would like it better if when I tapped in the field labeled Exercise 1 I didn t have to backspace to delete all that before typing what I want the field to be called But it s been very helpful                 Deborah Mensch
Stumbled upon this great app As a fitness instructor it has made class planning and organizing a breeze using Seconds The price of 4 99 for unlocking all app features is well worth I do appreciate the custom designs that we as customers may try out our creations once before purchase This ultimately helped me make the purchase decision Thank you Seconds you ve made my life MUCH simpler                     Brittney Elmore
The notifications stay in my notification bar and I can t swipe to get rid of them or find a way to turn them off This is after I ve finished a workout and I have closed the app It s frustrating Otherwise I like the app Google Pixel 2XL             Sarah Vedress
Android user here FIRST Volume the app doesnt allow me to adjust the volume of thr timer beeps so if im listening to a podcast for instance and i want to boost the volume i also have to sacrifice my eardrums at the end of each timer SECOND The app for whatever reason is telling me Timer is ready to begin when I m done using it and let it on the end screen LASTLY BEING ASKED TO RATE THE APP EVERYTIME I USE IT IS VERY ANNOYING 500 character limit functions fine as a timer         Julian B
Critical Tool I use it every time in the Gym You can find a workout posted online input the names times and reps play your favorite music and you have no excuse for NOT working out Master your time                     James Regalado
Arguably the best purchase I made on the google play store Super customizable with nested timers my favorite option is the read to text it tells me whats exercise is coming up so I dont have to look at anything to remember                     Jonathan Lin
Plenty of options to set up the timer that I want Plenty of workout notification options as well Legit app I broke my phone an ended up having to pay for the app again on my new phone totally worth it                     Misael Villatoro
Custom timers disappears upon changing phones Great Might as well just use the free version if I gonna have to memorise my workouts and remake custom timers everytime Please avoid paying for this guys     DidiSubmarine
As a timing app it s great However the fact that the app doesn t respect device settings for locking orientation is aggravating Unless you lock the screen within the app the app will try to find the best orientation between portrait or landscape usually resulting in a constant swap between the two However once locked in the app it locks all interactions and you can no longer pause restart etc The last thing I want to do mid exercise is wrestle with my timing app             Dakota Hawkins
A bit buggy when importing a shared timer more than once It appears that a second copy is made in the UI but deleting just 1 of the imported timers deletes all of them Secondly the UI isn t intuitive Like having to go to thr Organize menu to copy or delete is wrong Being able to long press on a timer should do an action IMO             Jonathan Look
Is a very nice app with a lot of features I realy love the way that I can change songs on each exercise is really helpful while doing yoga or any other aerobic exercises There is plenty of room for improvement like for example find a beter way to add the time i prefer a ui Also it will be nice if I could add a picture or a small video on each exercise before it starts 10sec to show a preview of how we will do the exercise Thanks                 Kyriacos Kyriacou
Very good and flexible timer It is good that you can share timer with others The only downside is that only the paid version is good but it is worth paying for it                     Monica Brown
Does exactly what I need it to You can even copy and paste the entries you want to repeat for custom circuits Slick and sinple design Ideal for any timed plan                     Alexandra Booth
Really easy to use love how it shouts out the exercises I wrote in it keeps me on track and on time                     Rebecca Nield
Crappy experience of having to buy for more than one use of a timer Spent a few more minutes exploring and found the free Impetus app did what I wanted with a better UI YMMV     Maksym Taran
Thought the price was a bit high for a timing app but tbh after using it a bit it s pretty much everything I was looking for with the flexibly to cover my indoor cycling efforts to a circuit set at the gym                     Kim Frankcombe
Great app Easy to use Makes keeping track of workouts so much easier                     Regina Lowe
Hahaha are you serious This app only lets you use timer you create once and asks for a membership upgrade after which of course is paid Lol Good luck with that     Giga
Works great I had a stand alone interval timer that I used when doing interval sets at the gym it ate batteries like a lithium craving cousin of the cookie monster Seconds has completely replaced my old timer and is far easier to set up I only took me about 5 minutes to figure it out                     Michael Atkinson
best interval app I ve tried but wish I had known before I downloaded that it had to be paid for in order to play workouts more than once                 Rachael Engledowl
does everything I needed to do and more settings that a little wonky sometimes but just text the company and they get back to you right away with a fix                     PETER MCVEY
used to be free and now have to purchase or reset every time you want to do a hitt session used to be awesome now clunky commercialised and junky     Mariel Doherty
When creating a custom timer the app will select the first audio file in your music folder There is no way to unselect this If you have the slack app which uses the folder for sound effects then that s what you re forced to hear on repeat     Zach Koch
Great for picking a specific music track for interval training I could only use it once for my custom walk run training but I didn t go premium because other apps like Tabata timer offer more functionalities such as integration with Google Fit                 Soraya Bel
I use it daily for my workouts and it is the best love the verbal count down                     Denise Lopez
great app would give five stars if it could simply count up indefinitely                 MrDwight925
Upgrade to pro to do anything Unless your willing to buy is probably worthless Should give us a free trial of pro to see if its worth buying     thomas oliver
Great timing app with lots of settings to help you get your fitness goals accomplished                     Kirby Cameron
I just love it I use it for some of my most intense HIIT workouts and more                     arell griffin
excellent app easy to use it comes with pre set timers if you re not sure how to create one I use this timer for HIIT workouts EMOMs Circuit Training basically whatever you need it for you can create it                     Christian Ferrell
Have to pay for everything Can only use the timer once before paying 7 to upgrade     Victoria Faucher
There is a learning curve with this app since I was transitioning from the Interval app on iOS Once i figured it out though i think this app is more flexible and just as good I appreicate the Help docs a lot                 Heather Young
Doesn t work properly on android timer only works well for about 12 minutes after that it gets delayed used for a group interval class and fell behind on time after 20 minutos I was delayed several seconds         Jorge Salas
Great for skipping excercising I also process black and white film so this is also really good for that                     Nick Tydeman
Needed an interval timer that would run in the background on my phone this app explicitly states that it does in the google play store then as soon as you open the app you are prompted to get the paid version 7 in order to save your timer or have it run in the background False advertising and the paid version is way too expensive for such a simple function Uninstalling         A Google user
Practically perfect in almost every way I use this so for some exercise but mostly for keeping me focused during routines It s absolutely fantastic all the functionality I need without gobs of bells and whistles to wade through But it would be nice if there was a bulk entry mode for setting a bunch of different intervals The interface isn t bad for 5 or even 10 different intervals but it takes a dang long time huddled over your phone or going through their type click type click online interface to enter 55 intervals                 Jennifer Hulet
I like it except for it crashes about 50 of the time leaving me not knowing where I left off as such it s pretty much useless to me waste of 5         Sara Kowalski
Its the best thing that has happened to my exercise routines No longer have to wonder what exercise is next or to grab my glasses to read whats next For me its a Godsend                 Just what I needed
Amazing app if you know what you wanna do                 Got me back to the soccer team
Great app but doesnt allow for mistakes Great app with timer features that work well with home workouts Design is intuitive with great features such as text to voice for exercise names However if you set up a workout and make a mistake you cannot go back to fix them I understand saved workouts are an important feature of the paid version but as mentioned by another reviewer even just saving 1 workout would be appreciated One defect appears to be lack of rest interval in circuit timer between leftright split           Great app but doesnt allow for mistakes
Great I wish the start control buttons were a little larger                 Just as advertised
Its what I was looking for However the complete reset of your list when leaving the app for one quick moment is not              Its what I was looking for
I can create my own custom interval timers for biking and cross training I like the verbal 321 count down at end of segments Nice work Ill buy                 Pliable App
Love that its customizable I always forget the sequence of my intervals and this made it so easy                 Easy to use
Perfekt for training warming up stretching You can cutomize time pause                 Great app
Best timer ever Music on counting on Just do those reps                
Love this app for my HIIT training Makes it convenient and helps me stay motivated with its timer reminders and count downs to the next round                 Does the job
It works perfectly for my workout Thank you very much                 Does the job
It helps me in my workout I was looking fr something like this I had to come a trck of my time in my mind earlier but this helps n givs me the perfext time how much work out I did today the best is the feature of setting ur break in betwen workout                 Great appcriously good job guys
Best app fr home workouts wish it hd a save coloumn instead of making d schedule agn n agn chld jst save it 4 nxt workout                
Love the features Certainly makes my workouts more efficient and perfectly timed Small glitch in countdown that shuts off my player but sound returns on subsequent countdown              Great app
Fully customizable and very user friendly I tested out the free version and after two workouts I couldnt wait to purchase it                 GREAT app
Easily the best customizable interval timing app I dont know why no other app will let you just set up your own workout but this app nails it I can play my own music and it counts down intervals Perfect                 The Best
Finally found an interval timer with two different rest options between sets and intervals Nice                 Finally
My young daughter loves to set the colours for the warm up highlow intervals and cool down I love the motivation that breaking my run down to intervals gives me also found the lock at the bottom helpful not to accidentally stop or skip an interval while holding my phone                 Works great
To stay focused on my body and not time is one less thing to juggle during my workout                 Helps a lot
Worked awesome for my Tabata workout like having a trainer their telling me when to work and rest                
I downloaded and uninstalled about 6 other apps before I found this one This is perfect customize all your intervals for HIIT and the voice to text not only counts down the last 3 seconds but then tells you what exercise you should be doing next PERFECT And it was ridiculous easy to figure out Had my workout programmed in minutes I may end up buying the full version but not sure yet I dont usually buy apps                 Exactly what I was looking for very easy to figure out
Its absolutely amazing The app lets you create a variety of exercises you can pick between groups and put as many exercises as you want Its extremely easy to use and the best part is it plays the playlist of your choice in the background It also starts to countdown the time and tells you the next exercise so you wont have to look at the phone Only bad thing you cant save the workouts you create unless you buy the pro version                 Its absolutely amazing
The only application that has a timer that doesnt fail randomly or require my screen to be on Keeping it                 Works perfectly
Tried and hated other Android timer apps until I rediscovered this one Happy to say it worked just as smooth on my Samsung Alpha as it did on iPhone Pricy but still worth buying again for android this time                 Forgot about this app when switching phones
Seems great in theory but you cant save timers in the free version I use pretty complex circuits and ended up wasting 10 minutes inputting a circuit attempting to test it and realizing to my annoyance that it was immediately lost The app should notify you more obviously that timers cant be saved Or offer saving capabilities in the free version What am I supposed to do Re enter my circuits every day No thank you Dont need a timer app that wastes my time        Lack of timer saving capabilities makes it a waste of time
This thing is awesome The free version made me throw out my 25 interval timer This app is awesome Cant say that enoughAWESOME                 Best gym timer app available
The ease of being able to set your own pace is brilliant and very motivating x                 A super app for home workouts
Its great For fatty fat fats like me that need a countdown or else they cheat the count                 Its great
Works great could use bigger startstop buttons                
Loved it This app is easy to use and understand and functions perfectly without any annoying ads or glitches Definitely recommended                
The app works great It makes routine workouts a lot fun The only problem I have with the app is that you cannot save the timers that you create If you dont mind dishing out 5 dollars then get the Pro version which includes this feature                 Fun Free Workout App
I set the timer for my kettlebell workout to make sure Im doing equal work to equal rest It definitely does the job I also like the color coding Great app                 So farso good
It keeps me on track and it doesnt bother my gym patrons because it only beeps as the time is ending for a short period                 Amazing for intervals
This is the best app for any interval workout I use it for 3060s in the Army                 3060
Best timer app out there I use it every day in the gym for my circuits                
Works well goes great when youre just trying to get sets done                 Interval Timer
Downloaded the app for Circuit and HIIT training and was very impressed The set up is easy and use during the workout is flawless Love the voice coach as well Definitely a must have workout buddy app                 Worked Perfectly
Just wish the pro version was Free if not a bit cheaper to buy ud83dude1e                 Awesome Timer
Really helps for interval training and interval strength training with Chris Powell work outs Like this a lot                 Really like program
Works how I need it to but you cant save timers you have to create one every time              Great

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