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Pixign , the publisher behind many Android apps (Facebook Photos ,Leo Messi HD ,Madball - shoot the ball - fun pinball game ,Ronaldo HD ,Block Puzzle – addictive game ,Space Wars - RPG Quest & Puzzle), brings Premium Wallpapers HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Premium Wallpapers HD apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It has HD quality images and there's a lot of them..
  • Amazing wall papers are updated and added every day..
  • I found so many beautiful pictures in this application..
  • Right off the bat looks and is one of the best wallpaper apps..
  • Has lots of wallpapers in different genres..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Right off the bat looks and is one of the best wallpaper apps.
Very good quality wallpaper and lots of category.
This is hands down the best source for HD quality wallpapers.
Amazing pictures for different kind of people.
and the amazing collection of wallpaper it has.
Amazing quality better than zedge wallpaper's 5 Stars.
Fun & Engagingc87
For download cool hd wallpaper for your smart phone.
Awesome hd wallpaper containing more than 20 Categories.
the live wallpaper option tends to stop updating after some time.
More pic required still nice app.
Im addicted.
This app is beautiful for changing the wallpapers everyday.
Its a great app for those who love new wallpaper every day.
Simply useful.
this saves time to search wallpaper anywhere also has good quality.
Production Valuesc96
i mean just check how stunning wallpapers they brought to us.
so very nic hd wallpaper.
Amazing app with truly stunning hd wallpapers.
Really cool graphics and designs.
Ease of Usec65
It is outstanding to use and to apply.
Beautiful images and easy to apply.
But I can't figure out how to apply the wallpaper.
Very good quality of images and easy handling are the most.
High quality images and easy to use interface.
Awesome and simple.
Simple app to find great wallpapers.
Simple app.
Easy to use in my Sony Xperia Z3.
Doesn't work on my Sony Xperia Z.
It has Nice wallpapers but it crashes a lot.
Ads not Intrusivec59

There is a wide variety of pics to choose from. found in 6 reviews
I would recommend this App who are looking for HD Wallpapers. found in 376 reviews
Great selection & excellent quality photos. found in 6 reviews
Great collection of wallpapers although I would like to have cricket wallpapers. found in 83 reviews
i mean just check how stunning wallpapers they brought to us. found in 4 reviews
This app's got loads of high definition super cool wallpapers. found in 13 reviews
Awesome app thanks for sharing this app with us. found in 3 reviews
Very nce & intrtng app with cute wallpapers. found in 5 reviews
Picture quality is great and you'll never get bored. found in 13 reviews
Very good quality wallpaper and lots of category. found in 78 reviews
there are tons of quality wallpapers for free. found in 4 reviews
This is the best wallpaper app for tablet i have found. found in 6 reviews
Very good selection of backgrounds for your phone. found in 3 reviews
its really very nice app. found in 5 reviews
Clear and crisp on my S4. found in 5 reviews
it loads fast and the images are high res and clear. found in 6 reviews
Awesome Collection Of HD Wallpapers Many Great Categories. found in 138 reviews
Nice pic collection. found in 6 reviews
It is quite a good app with 30000+ premium HD wallpapers. found in 9 reviews
Amazing quality better than zedge wallpaper's 5 Stars. found in 7 reviews
Pics load too slow - unusable. found in 4 reviews
It takes so much time to load a picture. found in 9 reviews
please i request you to update anime category more often times. found in 7 reviews
Giving it 4star coz it takes time to load. found in 6 reviews
search function would be the cherry required on this cake. found in 70 reviews
The app will not set wallpaper and downloaded wallpapers are corrupt. found in 8 reviews
Painfully slow to load images even on a strong wifi connection. found in 24 reviews
Great image quality but it needs a search function. found in 7 reviews
But I would suggest to add a search bar apart from that. found in 17 reviews
I would give this 5 stars but it really needs a search option. found in 4 reviews
Sometimes the pictures take a long time to load even with a good connection. found in 7 reviews
It is missing search function and downloaded wallpapers. found in 3 reviews
It needs a search feature then I'll rate five stars. found in 30 reviews
4 stars because this app don't have a search button. found in 39 reviews
Many images don't load at all. found in 6 reviews
Went thru updates but still very slow in loading the picture preview. found in 5 reviews
But somtimes it take a little ling to load the pictures. found in 7 reviews
No search engine. found in 12 reviews
Thumbnails take ages to load. found in 7 reviews
The images doenst load though i got a stable wifi connection. found in 8 reviews
Doesnt load pics. found in 7 reviews
Beautiful pics but very slow to load images. found in 24 reviews
No search feature to find what you are looking for. found in 30 reviews
Crappy image quality. found in 7 reviews
Why force users to crop the image. found in 20 reviews
Images don't load at all. found in 6 reviews
And to make life easier please add a search function. found in 70 reviews
It takes WAY too long to load the pictures. found in 7 reviews
The pictures take way to long to load so 1 star. found in 7 reviews
Thumbnail takes to long to load and no search option. found in 12 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Premium Wallpapers HD for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Premium Wallpapers HD app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

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