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ellerynz , brings My Tabata with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. My Tabata apps has been update to version 1.8.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best Timer ever.
This is by far the best fitness app ever.
thanks guys for making this app.
Definitely recommend to anyone.
even better than some apps on iOS.
Ease of Usec89
Simple and brilliant.
Gets the job done with a clean and easy to use interface.
though I doubt u could save any of your preset workouts.
Feature request: be able to save custom set presets.

Just a Tabata timer that is both well- designed and functional. found in 1 reviews
This app is great for training. found in 1 reviews
Great app to keep track and stay on the cadence. found in 1 reviews
Support both landscape and portrait mode. found in 1 reviews
Use this app everyday when I'm at the gym. found in 1 reviews
sprints kettlebells push ups sit ups etc. found in 1 reviews
Simple and customisable. found in 1 reviews
Sounds could be improved. found in 1 reviews
really nice to use. found in 1 reviews
thanks guys for making this app. found in 1 reviews
Best Timer ever. found in 3 reviews
This is by far the best fitness app ever. found in 1 reviews
then follow with 10 seconds of rest. found in 1 reviews
Loving the simplicity of the UI and the features. found in 1 reviews
I tried about three different apps. found in 1 reviews
Works great and has a clean minimalistic UI. found in 2 reviews
unable to change interval names or add intervals. found in 1 reviews
Can't run with the screen off. found in 1 reviews
Downloaded it again recently and sound wouldnt work. found in 1 reviews
But needs louder sounds and customisation. found in 2 reviews
I wish it could work with my play list. found in 2 reviews
Please add a numerical indicator of the total remaining rounds. found in 1 reviews
but please let us be able to set the times we like. found in 1 reviews
Great but one major issue. found in 2 reviews
Please fix the screen lock option. found in 1 reviews
It needs the ability to run in the background. found in 1 reviews
Great but sound is a little soft. found in 1 reviews
App has been crashing lately right in the middle of my class instruction. found in 1 reviews
Good but sound problem. found in 2 reviews
I've got no settings menu - HTC one. found in 1 reviews
I have my sound up full blast and there is nothing. found in 1 reviews
Good because no permissions required and is free. found in 4 reviews
Can't turn off screen and god forbid you touch it mid workout. found in 1 reviews
Sound problem. found in 2 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download My Tabata for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new My Tabata app version 1.8.2 has been updated on 2014-11-15. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

This high intensity interval training method (HIIT) will leave you exhausted after only 4 minutes. Try it with a variety of different exercises; sprints, kettlebells, push-ups, sit-ups, etc. For example: when the app says go, ...

good timer but doesn t work when the screen is locked so choose another             Benjamin Crawford
perfect just what been looking for nice and simple                     Sir John Penny
I use it fir my circuit functional training it does what it says on the tin                     Vivienne Aiyela
It s simple but it works                     A Google user
does exactly what it says                     K Maz
use it everyday                     Andrew Johnson
fantastic app                 David Edwards
nice app                     Doni Haji Abdul Majid
This app does just one thing and does it thoroughly well It also sports a great user interface The only minor issue is the display of intervals completed when you are using more than 8 intervals admittedly this is outside of the Tabata protocol though                     A perfect Tabata timer A Google user
Like the simple user interface It is well visible while working out I just wish the dots shows up according to the number of sets Above 8 they don t display correctly                     Simple is always the best Hyesun Cha
Every time i try to go to another app the timer stops I want to be able to go my music while using this without it pausing every time And I have pause disabled but it still pauses                 Only one issue Victoria McGuire
Perfect app just simple basic tabata nothing extra Open up start immediately get your work done and move on to the next task                     K I S S Keepin It Simple Stupid Edward Atienza
I love this app It s so simple and easy to use Bare bones all it does is manage my sets rest go and ready times and number of sets I can do all the other stuff myself                     Gayle Taira
Very simple to use I get up every afternoon from my office desk job and go to the break room for a quick break with arm circles knee bends toe taps Simple exercises that make a big difference                     Deb Swanson
just what I needed just a simple app counting seconds between sets and beeping when time to change simple but enough doesn t need access to my files don t know why other fitness timers need it                     May H
When I don t need or want musical cues for a workout I consistently turn to this app Love how clean simple straightforward it is                     Simple effective Cory Maclay
No silliness just a straightforward tabata timer Sounds are normal instead of annoying like some of the other timers                     Perfect Marian Sasso
I have to run with my display unlock I have a xperia Z3             It s good But when I set the blocking button it stops Carlos Jara
I downloaded this timer because it did not need access to any of my phone information For the competitors I ask why does a timer need to see my photos                     Simple and good Amaya Firestone
Does exactly what it is supposed to do Simple with no music distractions you are supposed to be exercising not listening to music                     Very good app Rick Horwell
Almost perfect Tabata app Please fix the interface for more then 8 intervals This is really anoying Thank you                 Smail M
It does what it s supposed to do No extra bells and whistles It s a con for some but to me it s great and delivers                     It does what it s supposed to do Gordon Moseley
Does exactly what I need Excellent sound easy pause and restart where left off                     Perfect Timer G Scott
Try it yourself and you be the judge Hint It s perfect                     Just download Lucy Solano
Simply the best tabata timer Easy simple no ads Well done For developer please implement in menu options for rate app and donate                     Wattanakarn Vladimirova
Its the perfect timer It pushes me when I need the push to keep going                     Love it Meredith Todd
Love the clear uncluttered interface The bright bold display is easy to read while working out Thank you for this app                     Edmund Johnson
This is by far the best fitness app ever                     Adrian Holtmann Adr Ho
Does exactly what I want No extra cruft                     Simple and awesome Scott Bouma
Simple and easy to use Tabata timer without annoying ads                     A Google user
Apps yg ringkas dan mudah difahami tiada gangguan link2 apps yg lain                     Kamarul Ariffin
Great tool to setup any planned interval timing                     Spin instructor s best friend Mark Shelley
I use this for my Skipping works great nice and simple                     Lori
Working well the only observatio is the apps hass to show the number of the rounds                 Easy apps Aws Salih
Easy and can be used while listening to your own music no ads                     Schiacciatore89
Simple and functional                     Excellent work A Google user
Love this app One feature Id like to see added is that sound be louder or be controlled in volume somehow as I have to have it almost all the way up to hear it turn volume below 50 on phone and I cant hear the dings when timer changes Also Id like to see a way to continue the workout after you pause it instead of it starting you over from the beginning Id also like to see a analysis at the end that shows you how many sets you completed I track my workouts on fitocracy so need that info The dots work but if you do a bunch of sets its harder to track since it does like 8 dots per page so after 8 sets it goes to the next page and you have to remember to add 8 to however many is there if you are on second page 16 to however many if you are on the third page etc              awesome app
Landscape mode and no soccer whistle and ad free                 The best
Easy and can be used while listening to your own music no ads                
Best TABATA app Ive used Best TABATA app Ive used Would be great if it allowed the user to adjust volume                 Best TABATA app Ive used
Its kind of hard to listen the restworkout sound in the gym Other than that its my above all favourite              Needs louder sound
I like this app a lot It has a simple and intuitive UI Expert for the circles During multiple workouts Ive stopped before the final round because it wasnt obvious how many rounds remain Please add a numerical indicator of the total remaining rounds           Circles cause an issue
Tried a couple This one is definitely the easiest to set up and run                 Best
Really simple Excellent Keep it up                 Kept simple
Loving the simplicity of the UI and the features Wish there a different sound scheme though like a boxing bell at the start of the round                 Simple and brilliant
Its exactly what one needs for Tabata training Extremely simple and efficient                 Ideal
Cant run with this pauses whenever I lock the screen     Pauses on screen lock
This is by far the best fitness app ever                 Adrian Holtmann
I love this timer Its simple and I just hit it and go However sometimes the sound doesnt work I contacted the dev quite a while ago and is still not working right Ive done sound tests on my tablet and its not that Uninstalling unfortunately        Good but sound problem
Hope for material designed UI icon           Good App
Its free and there are no ads This is absolutely fantastic Cant ask for more thanks guys for making this app                 Just awesome
Simple and functional                 Excellent work
Does what it says it does well                 Great
gr8                 awesome
A solid performing app that does what it promises and doesnt much around with anything else                 Simple
Great bright screen really nice to use                 Simple to use
Great app to keep track and stay on the cadence                 Workout Mate
Ok Why have none of you tabata tards thought of making it when you lock your phone after hitting the timer for it to not pause Come on pretty simple Most people listen to music on their phones you guessed it so when I go to lock my phone and put in my pocket I expectthe app TO KEEP RUNNING     The fu
I tried about three different apps but this was by far the best Does one job and does it extremely well Nice UI just the right number of settings                 The perfect Tabata timer
Nice interface Simple to use Recommended                 Wonderful
Spin instructors best friend Great tool to setup any planned interval timing                 Spin instructors best friend
Make the tones louder                 Great but sound is a little soft
no ad and simple design                 no aduff01
Simple to use Minimalistic UI is great as well                 Great app
Gets the job done with No bullst added to it                
This app works really well and does everything you could want However The volume of the sounds is far too loud If there was a way to control the volume in contrast to what music youre listening to it would be perfect Unfortunately I just cant use it in this state as having sound off and watching the clock isnt an option           Great but one major issue
Cleanest looking timer Sounds could be improved but good enough                 Best timer here
This app is perfect for tabata No extra crap getting in the way of your workout Tap it and go The simple interface lets you focus on digging deep and getting the last set done Theres no wondering what set youre on or if youre in rest or go                 Hard to beat
Tis app is perfect to do workouti luv everytin bout tis app                
It Works Does what it says it does No Ads No Permissions Im happy                 LG Viper Android 404
The best of the best working out has never been this fun                
Love the warning tones and coloured screen is a nice touch                 Just what I was looking for
I use this for my Skipping works great nice and simple                
I love this app simple and color differenciates workout and rest the beep reminder is also great One major issue is in setting i cannot adjust the time of each interval The pop up keypad is blank PLS HELP                 Please help
Feature request be able to save custom set presets              Beautiful and clear ui
This is by far the easiest Tabata timer Ive found I love that it is easily customized to fit the length of my intervals Thanks                 Super easy

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