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Devexpert.NET , the publisher behind many Android apps (Android Battery Tools & Widget ,Tethering Manager ,Android Weather & Clock Widget), brings Android Weather & Clock Widget with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Android Weather & Clock Widget apps has been update to version 3.6.6 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Love the customization options and the acurate weather casting..
  • Have tried many other apps for quick weather..
  • More accurate than the local news station "3 degree guarantee"..
  • Love the options of opening world clock and calendar..
  • As for me it is the best weather program..

Overall Satisfactionc88
Best weather app going smart nice easy to use.
Shame because otherwise it's the best weather app /widget I've tried.
Out of all the apps this is one of the best weather widgets out there.
The only other thing would b more widget style choices.
Works flawlessly and much much much better than AccuWeather.
looks 100 percent better than the default weather widget.
Annoying ads in a.
I love the transparency of the widget.
Fun & Engagingc87
Awesome weather app I love how you can customize it.
awesome weather app /widget combo.
The only other thing would b more widget style choices.
Looking forward to more widget skin and weather icons.
I found good to the weather all the time and all the places.
Gives you the accurate weather all the time anytime.
The widget can display a bunch of useful information at once.
a really well designed and reliable weather app with useful widgets.
Everything's accurate and up to date weather.
Tells you everything you need to know about weather today and coming dates.
Been very helpful and accurate for weather in my area.
This was a great replacement that stays up to date.
I love this app it shows everything on the weather forcast.
Production Valuesc86
Works well and has a nice clean interface.
and has a nice clean interface.
The 5 day forecast is really nice & the layout & graphics are great.
I appreciate the accuracy of the data and the graphics are great.
Would like more animation or a Doppler gif etc.
those widgets need more animation.
Ease of Usec75
simple weather app with great widgets.
simple and accurate indeed and the bad weather alerts are spot on.
Works well and has many options to configure.
Wonderful app that is accurate and easy to use and read.
Very easy to use and setup different locations.
The widget doesn't show up on the Google Nexus 7.
Ads not Intrusivec75
Annoying ads in a.
Updates & Supportc89
You can remove it with purchase the add free version.
Make a add free version and I would totally buy in.
I'd gladly pay for an ad free version to help out the developer.
Any plans for an ad free version.
Will update once I see how much battery it takes.
Seems pretty accurate and very light on battery usage.

Love the thing that it tells me the weather changes at the moment. found in 22 reviews
Weather and clock widget very good now it's been sorted best I've found. found in 505 reviews
Everything's accurate and up to date weather. found in 16 reviews
The best weather application in all applications I have ever usad. found in 115 reviews
Keeps me informed for current and future weather. found in 12 reviews
I used many weather apps developed by many big company. found in 59 reviews
It's a really great application for getting weather upto date. found in 9 reviews
Works flawlessly and much much much better than AccuWeather. found in 23 reviews
Best free weather & clock widget available on the play store. found in 49 reviews
User friendly and feels less like a kids' toy. found in 129 reviews
This was a great replacement that stays up to date. found in 9 reviews
Out of all the apps this is one of the best weather widgets out there. found in 1604 reviews
I'm very much enjoying having the weather at my fingertips. found in 5 reviews
Specially the transparent widget look great on dark backgrounds. found in 36 reviews
Great weather app very informative and accurate. found in 9 reviews
A lot more accurate than other weather apps that I have tried. found in 21 reviews
This is the best weather widget I have ever used. found in 1572 reviews
It gives me all the info i need for school quick and easy keep it up. found in 9 reviews
Cool weather app and i like the trasparency. found in 32 reviews
a really well designed and reliable weather app with useful widgets. found in 36 reviews
Downfall: No way to get rid of annoying ads. found in 11 reviews
I would like to see more weather providers like AccuWeather and Noaa. found in 151 reviews
Minus star due to lack of local radar. found in 7 reviews
I give it 2 stars because although the weather isn't accurate. found in 15 reviews
The lack of weather radar hurts a lot in my opinion. found in 17 reviews
It needs radar to be complete. found in 11 reviews
The application suddenly made default location at Malaysia. found in 22 reviews
Wish the weather alerts had more details. found in 8 reviews
Doesnt update weather or temperature with any consistency anymore. found in 19 reviews
Good app but i wish it had radar maps. found in 41 reviews
Can't find live radar nor it can't auto change location. found in 19 reviews
Though on some phones and in some areas it doesn't update location. found in 32 reviews
Misses update at times & have to constantly change weather provider. found in 9 reviews
Great app but I'd gladly pay to get rid of the ads. found in 21 reviews
Uninstalled because of update issue. found in 16 reviews
Wish it showed more weather and wish it was more accurate. found in 46 reviews
ts accurate weather forcast but the widget doesn't work on moto g. found in 28 reviews
Just what I wanted but the flashing ads are really intrusive. found in 5 reviews
Foreca is a more accurate weather service than Open Weather. found in 14 reviews
It fails to update the weather automatically for the both weather providers. found in 10 reviews
Since not updating weather properly. found in 17 reviews
App sometime doesn't update location properly even when done manually. found in 32 reviews
Lacks weather radar. found in 17 reviews
Unable to change to my home location. found in 18 reviews
Option for More weather providers would be very welcome. found in 151 reviews
It should show weather hourly it doesnt so. found in 20 reviews
and most of the time can't connect to the weather service. found in 65 reviews
The widget doesn't show up on the Google Nexus 7. found in 28 reviews
This technically implies app is unresponsive for weather data. found in 43 reviews
Weather asks for location services to be enabled although they are. found in 16 reviews
Great Design - Weather Source Sucks. found in 25 reviews
Detect my location over 3G doesn't work. found in 17 reviews
This is the WORST weather app I have ever used. found in 22 reviews
After new update there is no current location weather available. found in 80 reviews
location is wrong or doesnt update when choosing multiple locations. found in 19 reviews
Not a bad one except the language display & GPS location fault. found in 21 reviews
now location reporting doesnt report correct location for weather anymore. found in 23 reviews

The Android Weather & Clock Widget is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.6.6 has been released on 2014-01-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Android Weather, the quick and accurate weather app, provides detailed weather for all cities worldwide, it searches your address and locates cities quickly, and provides the current temperature, current weather condition, humidity and wind speed ...

I kind of like it but not really I wish it would give me weather details and not show me a freaking icon What does a cloud icon look like with water falling out of the bottom of it Does that mean it s going to rain today When How much How likely is it going to rain Well you never know because all you get is an icon             Kerry White
Very handy app Decently accurate within a day I like the widget integration as part of an Android OS Sometimes it shows rain on the daily icon but the rain isn t coming in until the evening For planning it s best to open to see the hourly which is pretty good All in all enjoy the app and would install it on a subsequent device                 Nancy England
Update I finally was able to find how to set a 24 hour format but it wasn t easy to find at least for me I do like the app though has lots of information in a modest footprint Deducted one star for my frustration in hunting for the 24 hour change Prior comment can t figure out how to set time in 24 hour format I am going to uninstall this                 William Miller
This app wins 2 5ths of my home screen Would like clearer and finer grained notification control With updates set to 1 hour I think that s the default severe thunderstorm warnings sometimes come after the storm is over Those should be pushed OTOH I dont want temp notifications since I m using the widget and can t figure out how to turn those off while keeping storm warnings                     Jerry Goodwin
Pretty good Oregon weather is weird but this app is fairly accurate Easy to read all the info is plain and clear I switched apps because others are so convoluted and I had to search for just a simple forecast This one is much better                 Betina Frost
pop up VIDEO ads suddenly wth been using this app for years if these ads don t go within av few days i m switching to another weatherapp most irritating Additionally you cannot delete your default location for that you have to uninstall the app and reinstall just really dumb     A Google user
The best weather app I ve ever used and I used many The app has a whole bunch of different widgets for different needs and tastes It has a relatively large list of settings that enables every user to adjust widget and app itself according to their needs                     Tata Gulua
Overall this is a good app though not without its frustrating parts Which is the widget portion of it it should update to what town im in and the time I last updated for weather when im using my mobile data I enabled that option on the widget and it only works sonetimes                 dansby37
Really wanted to replace Beautiful Widgets with this app which really is beautiful btw but I m concerned with memory usage I like this apps 4x3 Large clock layout but the clock font is overwhelmingly large and cannot be changed Please address this for 5 stars until then I m back to BW             Ed Williams
Fairly good weather forecast hourly as well as daily suggest to do the following 1 Precipitation in mm should appear on the widget Home screen 2 Add option to have Hourly along with 5 days forecast should appear on the widget Home screen this will avoid to go to the app in case one wants to have a look at daily forecast MY LOCATION DOESN T CHANGE BASED ON ACTUAL PHYSICAL LOCATION         shashank deshpande
i would not like this app as it always takes the present temperature and make some imaginations for the future as today it was so hot until 5pm and dry weather it was always showing the dry weather until next two days but today it started heavy rain at 5 30 pm without any notification and now it shows after 6 hours that tomorrow it will be humid cloudy and rainy weather NOT Recommended     Shahjahan khan
The weather is inaccurate I always have to double check the temperature with Google Right now it reads 97 but Google shows 78 and this is after two refreshes I wish it were more reliable         Terrell Audain
The follow my location feature doesn t seem to be working as well as it used to In the morning it will tell me I m home but as I move from city to city it doesn t update even if I m in a different city all day The 2 stars is not for the app as a whole it s for the follow my location feature         John u0026 Rhonda Dextras
awesome weather app ive tried tons of them i run this one and weawow to get two different opinions try it idk why they don t call this app by a more distinctive name ive switched phones and the only way i could distinguish it from other weather apps is by its logo which also isn t that distinguishing but it s a good weather app chk it out                     Hi There
Weather doesn t update automatically as it s supposed to do It s a weather app I need to update it manually each time Aesthetically I d like to see a widget with hourly weather left to right five hour intervals that updates itself         Dan
The worst weather forecast app It showed me that in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is 21 22 degrees Celsius almost every day for the next week so we took some clothes with us When we arrived there it was very hot The tab with auto detected location said 30 degrees for today the next tab with location selected by me said 21 for today It ruined my vacation I wanted a cooler weather not 30 in the shadow I would give minus ten stars if I could     Paul Cazan
Fantastic app The only thing I needed was to see both temperature and RH and this ia the only app I found that lets you choose which parameter to display individually Well done                     Semion Nemirovsky
The app is nice the widget is nice but the refresh although it s set on hourly it sometimes fails And if you keep the notication tab on I just find it to annoying every time he has something to say                 vasile harsa
can t figure out how to alphabetize cities also i can t seem to get the at a glance info picture to show up on the home screen I always have to open the app ANNOYING However it does show some places that aren t on other apps I think it is a keeper                 Kathleen Hamid
Excellent app with very good widgets The only thing I would suggest is a refresh option on the widget so you did not have to rely on just to time or opening up the full app                 Scot S
Annoying ad s that ll pop up in the 10 day forecast pushing the bottom day off the screen Causing you to scroll again for just one day Pre placed ads are fine but these random ones are annoying and aren t worth 4 99 to remove Probably will look for a different weather app and widget     Mathew Rasmussen
I really used to love this app It was my go to weather app for many years Now I fly half way across the world and it takes far too long to update to my new location even when I drive for an hour to work Time for something new     Chris
Would rate this a 5 but I can t get the app to automatically update the temperature I have to open app then close then the temp updates on my homescreen Otherwise TV his is a very good and useful app                 Larry St John
Since the recent update it s been very buggy Clock and weather doesn t update automatically and when I click on the refresh button it says it s loading but doesn t do anything Clicking on the weather also doesn t open up the long term forecast     Tina Tong
It won t let me program my address so it s giving me weather for the folks down the street How hard would that be Also doesn t show chance for precipitation Same question Uninstalling looking elsewhere             G. Herde
Works pretty well For some reason though when I pull up the weather in my city the time is shifted by several hours so I have to depend on location or nearby cities to get weather updates                 devkemp
Does everything I want and nothing I don t Never had a single bug or problem and it s completely customisable to fit on the screen the way I want Perfect                     Simon Parker
I am using the weather application from many years it is indeed excellent app I have one suggestion which will make this app even more handy If possible then kindly add following features 1 Astronomical Dawn Time As it is useful information for Fasting                 Dr. Kashif Ali Safdar
Very accurate weather forcast I love it The widget fits pretty well on the screen with nice looking graphics With the options could adjust all the details you want to see and how they look on the widget                     J. Dakov
Not my cup of tea It doesnt have a transparent widget and the privacy terms are a little to invasive Seemed to work fine for the 10 minutes i used it but then it got the axe             Ivan Barrera A.
I ve used lots of westher apps I ve finally found the best one Lots of options to customize to your liking Excellent graphics Easy UI                     Rich W
Very easy to use and understand Very nice graphics and fast Love the different assortment of widgets and functions                     Robert Kerr
Was having problems with the clock integration after upgrading to Pie but I switched from the Samsung clock to the standard Android one and it works again Weather isn t always very accurate though Sometimes says it s raining when it isn t or vice versa                 Rebecca Safier
I love this app but when I use a widget and have an all day event in my calendar it always says that the event is happening the day before for example I have an all day event on Thursday but it shows that it starts on Wednesday Please fix it             Juliana Melino
Works just fine it has pretty good forcast prediction decent graphics could use an update and fine UI could also benefit from a small update in usability graphics                 Alex K.
Overall it is a good app Though sometimes does not show local time but picks up one of the cities time                 Giorgi Gigiberia
had the app for a week now installed on new phone and my old app not available like the options for display of app use timer on clock function sll the time like the options for attaching to other fsvorite apps for clock snd weather                     Chip A
Very cumbersome to use Used to have 6 pieces of info on ONE page now you have to click and wait Use layers instead of having it there Future radar is slow and subpar         Donna Daubert
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