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Nextdoor , the publisher behind many Android apps (Nextdoor ,占い刑事シモン), brings Nextdoor with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Nextdoor apps has been update to version 1.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Other social media sites are much broader so Nextdoor is perfect..
  • One of the handiest apps for homeowners..
  • App helps me stay informed about neighborhood building projects..
  • Community neighborhood- based communication tool..
  • I connect with neighbors even in nearby neighborhoods to share ideas..

Overall Satisfactionc62
Is this going to change in a future release.
Love the site and service.
Keeps me connected with my neighbors better than Facebook ever could.
I really like being able to communicate with many neighbors at once.
Absolutely love this idea and app.
Joined Last Week and Love This App.
Love hearing about different happenings in the neighborhood.
Fun & Engagingc80
Awesome way to stay in touch with neighbors.
Awesome Community Building App.
Fun and informative.
Great way to keep up to date with local neighborhood and surrounding communities.
App helps me stay informed about neighborhood building projects.
Useful information is exchanged on a daily basis.
Timely information on everything going on in your neighborhood.
Keeps you in touch up to date with what's going on in the neighborhood.
a useful social media platform.
Very helpful to communicate with neighbors.
So many helpful neighbors.
Social Aspectsc92
What a great way to keep in touch with neighbors in your subdivision and vicinity.
Great way to stay connected to neighbors and stay informed about neighborhood activities.
Other social media sites are much broader so Nextdoor is perfect.
I'm not a big fan of social media for these reasons.
I see lots of potential for neighborhood specific Social Networking.
meeting new people and being involved with my community.
Great community tool to keep in touch with neighbors and activities.
Ease of Usec72
Great simple app.
and their app makes it easy to keep up with the messages and respond.
simple and somewhat intuitive.
Nextdoor - super useful and easy.
Security & Privacyc16
Updates & Supportc82
Good to see an Android version.
The customer service is friendly and very helpful.
The apps are as amazing as the customer service.

Send out Community events and Community meeting reminders among other things. found in 13 reviews
Great way to stay connected to neighbors and stay informed about neighborhood activities. found in 106 reviews
Good way to communicate with neighbors about things going on locally. found in 2 reviews
great for neighborhoods to spread the word when crime happens. found in 44 reviews
Useful information is exchanged on a daily basis. found in 7 reviews
Great way to keep up to date with local neighborhood and surrounding communities. found in 35 reviews
It's like a modern day neighborhood watch. found in 4 reviews
Absolutely wonderful to stay in touch in your neighborhood and surrounding areas. found in 9 reviews
Great for saftey & getting to know your neighbors from several streets away. found in 47 reviews
An App that makes our Neighborhood Watch simple and organized. found in 48 reviews
Very informative and useful app. found in 2 reviews
This is a great way to stay in touch and get to know your neighbors. found in 106 reviews
Basically a digital town hall bulletin board. found in 3 reviews
I see lots of potential for neighborhood specific Social Networking. found in 11 reviews
The app seems to have pretty good functionality. found in 1 reviews
I use Nextdoor for everything - local news. found in 9 reviews
What a great way to keep in touch with neighbors in your subdivision and vicinity. found in 187 reviews
Great source of information for our neighborhoods. found in 3 reviews
Great way to keep in contact with neighbors and share relevant information. found in 6 reviews
we've picked up business recommendations and had virtual garage sales. found in 18 reviews
Can't add family. found in 1 reviews
I just would like more people in my neighborhood to sign up. found in 15 reviews
Missing some features that would be nice. found in 2 reviews
Still needs some things but overall great concept. found in 2 reviews
Wants your credit card info to verify your identity. found in 19 reviews
I wish you could edit your posts from your phone. found in 2 reviews
App no longer runs on my HTC One X+. found in 1 reviews
Wish it had a search option. found in 3 reviews
my call log. found in 10 reviews
This app needs a widget Like Facebook to help encourage participation. found in 2 reviews
phone nope not getting spam phone calls thats bad enough. found in 4 reviews
Just needs more publicity. found in 1 reviews
but the desktop version better. found in 1 reviews
but it should allow multiple residences. found in 2 reviews
but I don't see any search function. found in 3 reviews
Missing Events. found in 2 reviews
It seems that notifications don't work. found in 3 reviews
Needs too many permissions. found in 6 reviews
A complete invasion of privacy. found in 4 reviews
Crashes on note 3. found in 3 reviews
Uninstalled due to privacy issues. found in 3 reviews
Trying to sign up. found in 15 reviews
There is no needed for you to read my personal text. found in 19 reviews
Currently there is no way to change the notification settings. found in 8 reviews
No you may not read my text messages and call log. found in 10 reviews
Verification for this app sucks. found in 3 reviews
credit card number and permissions to your other social networks. found in 19 reviews
but this site seems hard to follow or find any clear menu. found in 5 reviews
so I can't verify my account. found in 5 reviews
No app needs this many permissions. found in 6 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Nextdoor for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Nextdoor app version 1.2.2 has been updated on 2014-11-16. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Nextdoor check developer Nextdoor`s website :

Nextdoor is the free, private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It`s the easiest way to connect and talk with your neighbors about the things that matter in your neighborhood. When neighbors ...

Notifications in pull down don t go away after opening app Icon number bubble doesn t sync either Borders shading etc too minimal Replies don t often show which comment was referenced Stop following this thread doesn t always work Verification screen keeps swiping by itself Phone possessed Uninstalling doesn t help         R G
I do like this app Nice to be able to communicate with others in the neighborhood amd see what s going on Unfortunately the security is very poor Seems to be very easy and common to have your account hacked and have fake posts made from your account Most common I see are of vehicles or other items for sale NEVER click a like in any posts in this app             Johcelyn Piquette
The app is fairly well written cudos for that But it would be better if you could add a simple button to block or hide posts that a user is not interested in seeing again but keeping notifications for the category Example I love the home improvement category but some post in that category I would love to hide or block             The Crafts Man, LLC
Do like the app Would love to chat with the neighbors But most of the messages are from months ago And no updates to the opened issues My dog is home Hurray dogs are still in need of a forever home not sure how to fix it This whole thing seems a bit jumbled Could be FABULOUS Will give more stars as I see it getting a little better         Cheryl Kirkpatrick
I like the app to keep up on what s going on locally But I m a little confused about a few things First it s Nextdoor Valrico But why are we getting lost pet notices from King Ave That s on the far side of Brandon The next thing is about a thread about a lost pet and it gets found yet I keep getting alerts u0026 the emails after that Is there a way to stop getting those for a thread that to me is done I m a busy person as I think most of us are u0026 I get over 100 emails per day already                 Kathy Brown
They make it impossible to register when you move to a new address I moved almost a year ago and still have not been able to access my account The address has been changed on my credit card and phone bill the app tells me it cannot verify me I emailed customer service a copy of my phone bill with my current address but nothing has been resolved When they send you that verification code via USPS it expires 3 days from when they send it As if snail mail is email     Shirl See
I like connecting with others but I suggest changing the THANK option to let users know that there is more than just Thanks with that button Maybe Appreciate Recognize or Notion And REPLY could be Express Yourself Notion or Thoughts One thing that I truly appreciate about the community is that there does not seem to be the nit picking and negativity that I often see on FaceBook posts                 Ima Blank
I hate this app with every bone in my body This app causes nothing but trouble for me First it wants my real name and house location for anyone to see I tried disabling the location but it would not let me My account was disabled after they saw me using a username I don t want my real name for any stranger or malicious person to find online Second this thing is a Godsend for robbers People post when they re out of town and you can see their exact house address Hate it 0 5     florida savannah
This app and their support is ridiculous It s just a platform for nextdoor to steal your information so they can advertise to you The second I signed up on started getting all types of ads and then someone from the support team had the nerve to email asking to send In a picture of my ID to prove I am who I say I am Yea right so you can steal more of my info Nope     Jennifer Abernathy
Love this app It really helps to keep you in touch with your neighbors and the goings on in the neighborhoods from theives to critters Just hope that it doesn t get like Facebook where people become easily offended and start to become too judgemental I know many people get behind a keyboard become more emboldened and forget that there are real people on the receiving end Hopefully everyone remembers to stay kind to one another                     Carlos Villasenor
This at one time used to be a great app letting you stay in touch with what was happening around you It is now nothing but advertisements for everything around you I m betting that the advertisements are paid as I posted information about a free service which directly competed with one of the ads when someone asked and that post including the original one disappeared rather quickly Useful posts are far outnumbered by advertisements Some ads I can understand but not this many         Just Me
Update tech support still clueless They promised to fix the scrolling and shutdown problems numerous times but nothing changed over the last YEAR Too cheap to hire a temp that knows how to solve it Feeds with way more content don t do this Used to be a good resource Using it less and less App is getting glitchy Freezes and shuts down while just scrolling Posts are randomly listed now not according to date Tech Support is clueless Way more junk ads allowed Rapidly going downhill         Bruce M.
This app is completely broken for me I used to have an account but moved to a different neighborhood and just received an invite letter in the mail When I try to sign it it just flashes the authorization error page a bunch of times per second until I close the app I can t open the app anymore without it doing that     Cat Hellxia
Totally frustrated Worked great until I moved I ve done everything asked to verify my new address None of them work The previous home owner recommended the app for our new neighborhood I feel like I m being punished because I used the app for my previous neighborhood I don t know what I have to do PROVE today I have moved     Sinda Smith
Really like the concept and and the basics of it and I use it a lot but the app could be better It s a little buggy at times and could use improved and possibly additional features For example you can t send pictures in messages Would still recommend though                 Carter Fuehr-Bush
My account is associated with an old addres I tried to verify my accout with a phone call u0026 for whatever reason that did not work My phone is is associated with my new address I have an invite code from my new neighborhood that I am unable to use because my account is still asdociated with the old address Which it won t let me change without verifying the new address The app makes you jump through too many hoops The way my patience is setup I am not here for that Y all can have it     Freckled Cutee
The crowd on this app is great but the app itself has too many drawbacks Usage is not intuitive For example I liked a business but there s not an easy way for me to find those that I liked Booking a conversation isn t ideal because it could be deleted             Thang Phan
I do not use social media at all I m 27 but I hate Facebook snapchat Instagram etc but I installed Nextdoor simply bc my dog got out once u0026 I heard it was a great way to ask ur neighbors to help find them I love this app for the most part I love being able to stay in the loop on events coming up crime in my area etc My one dislike is how many people use it to complain about the dumbest things Like someone not mowing their lawn Its immature But that s not the app s fault                     Alexandra Koch
It was fine then my account got dismissed so I could not use it all because someone said I wasnt useing my real name They didn t try to confirm it with me but I could get back in if I fax my personal identification Id drivers license passport not about to do that I don t own a fax I m not spending money on sending a fax and I m not giving my info to anyone I had received the invite from a neighbor because I moved here that s all i should have to do other then make a profile Waste of time     Joseph Hand
I love the nextdoor app lve had it for a little over a month and so far it is just what it I needed to accomplish a few goals I had set for myself such as getting to know my neighborhood better It has been in valuable in information on many occasions Just thispast week a neighbor stopped someone from stealing packages from his porch and fast as possible he was on the app alerting everyone to the incident and giving adescrption of the woman and her auto Try it it s free                     Patsy Pepper
The app is pretty ordinary but I m liking next door the website and forums more and more every time I use it Facebook is a waste of time but I m actually getting a lot of positive Help From My Neighbors near and a bit further away Everyone looks after everybody else is Pets when they get lost it s amazing how many get returned through next door                     Herb Martin
Too many sponsors ads with no option to remove them see less of them or tailor the ads to things you d rather see And they look too similar to people s posts so the sponsored ads can easily scam trick you into clicking on them thinking they are from a neighbor instead of big business     Briana Josephine
I like knowing what is happening in my neighborhood what events are children friendly what s for sale open houses and yard sales Who ever created this app has done an excellent job with apps format It is easy and fast to navigate Thank You                     Linda Johnson
This app provides a helpful service and I would like to rate it higher but it seems like the amount of advertisements and posts by sponsors has increased significantly since I started I understand you need advertisements for free apps but this seems too much             Slightly Chaotic
Love this app Helps me keep up on what is going on in and around my neighborhood Also love being able to ask dozens of other people on recomendation for various health care providers home improvements and dozens of other things A great app to get to know your neighbors                     Patricia Burgio
This app fills several real needs Best I have seen yet I have found services goods latest information as on local real estate As important have met people never would have otherwise If least half the internet were this positive and useful vs fluff and grabs would be great                     A Google user
Great idea but buggy implementation It crashed 10 times in a row trying to post something but then worked eventually It is great for communicating within a neighborhood like for lost pets             Zane MacNaughton
Very handy to find out what is happening in the neighborhood although there are some Really Irrelevant posts most are informative and an Awesome way to get the word out for missing furbabies people and MISLEADING people to watch out for Very nice to see the community come together a Giant Neighborhood Watch                 Lynda Costello
Great way to share news opinions and events Although the event section needs work For example whenever I search for local events a large number of past expired events populate the screen This occurs even after I enter a new event Fix this PLEASE                 Dave Jensen
Worst customer service ever Wont accept my log in and main page is scrolling fast with an error message I run a business from there and have messages to get to Customer service wont respond to me Very frustrated I have tried everything uninstalling clear cookies deactivate and activate nothing works     linda Rossi
Poor I can t get back into my account because it claims it s already been reg But it s almost like I need to sign in twice with different emails or it won t let me in after trying that it still hasn t logged me back in Great app just needs to fix those problems         Beto Leon-Garcia
Used to be a lot better but now there are a bunch of ads and notifications are broken I ve uninstalled reinstalled and I m still getting duplicate push notifications or not receiving any         Travis Carroll
I have an account but I had to factory reset my phone 3 time s now but I downloaded your app again and it says it knows my email from a past account but it will not let me do anything at all I m really really frustrated not a good experience this time at all     jacque
Great way to share information with Neighbors Not just for recommendations on home improvement etc but even during disasters like hurricanes vital information can be shared before during and after                     Debbie Ellis
Initially I was in Dundalk Md area when I started using this app Recently moved and my new nextdoor neighbor suggested this app I m grateful for that suggestion There s a whole lot going on in my new area and you can find some nice free stuff or for a cheap price Invaluable app Thank you Nextdoor app creators                     DeadManMoshing Blastmaster
I love feeling connected to the local community and Nextdoor provides just that We ve visited LBTS for many years but moved in retirement from Munson Hospital in Traverse City Michigan last year Nextdoor gives me a friendly venue for the many questions one might have and more We are Georgia and Michael Walton your neighbors and friends                 Georgia Walton
Great way to communicate with neighbors about all sorts of things from finding a doctor dentist roofer electrician plumber to finding out about what s happening in the area as far as good restaurants concerts and family events to what people think about local politics and government to what people are selling or giving away A great way to stay connected with what is going on in my local area                     Su Meck

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